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Stick Death

Play Stick Save 5 Game

Stick Save 5

Deathly things can happen at this stick beach party! Sharks, guns, puppies and much more await you in t...

Play Stick Blender Game

Stick Blender

Will stick figures blend? Defend your blender from hordes of stick figures by flinging them to a bloody...

Play Stick Figure Penalty Chamber 2 Game

Stick Figure Penalty Chamber 2

Choose the destiny of this stick figure in this interactive game!

Play 1000 Years Of Death Game

1000 Years Of Death

Thousand Years Of Death,a funny Naruto game.Kakashis secret finger 'Jutsu',Let's see what happens when ...

Play The Stick Adventure Game

The Stick Adventure

In this crazy action game you have to help the sticky dude to survive his challenging missions. Get a c...

Play Rail Of Death Game

Rail Of Death

Escape from a mining tunnel that will explode in two and a half minutes, can you pass the obstacles, de...

Play Golem Death Launch Game

Golem Death Launch

Launch the Golem to his death. Try to land on your feet to bounce back up and travel longer. The more d...

Play Monsuno Death Battle Game

Monsuno Death Battle

An epic fight to the death!

Play Political Death Match Game

Political Death Match

Who is your favorite American politician ? Can he defeat the others in the bloody death match. Well now...

Play Stick Dude Killing Arena Game

Stick Dude Killing Arena

You're in control when you enter the Stick Dude Killing Arena this time! You'll have access to all the ...

Play Tower Of Death Game

Tower Of Death

Tower of death in this online game you have to prove that online Bruce Lee really is the best fighter i...

Play Berzerker Stick Game

Berzerker Stick

In this Fighting Game you will be Blaze, a Berserker Warrior created to defeat the Invading Blue Stickm...

Play Quick Stick 2 Game

Quick Stick 2

Be quick, strike fast and eliminate your stickmen opponents! Can you complete this fighting course and ...

Play Stick Swipe Game

Stick Swipe

Battle your way through hordes of stickmen and monsters! Using a sweet new swiping system increase your...

Play A Stick Mage Quest Game

A Stick Mage Quest

You're a mighty 2D mage on a VICIOUS quest into the great unknown where each quest means certain death!...

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